The Belvera B2B travel map

Placing B2B travel on the map

If you thought that cartography had been rendered redundant by digitalization think again. We just mapped out a whole new geography that remarkably no one has drawn-up before: the world of B2B travel.

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the map and so let’s get straight into it: who would you have included that we haven’t? More importantly, who would you remove?
In both cases, please share on social media and generate lots of heated debate.

Debate here is important because this map serves a serious motive. Our PR consultancy has set out to help put clients on the map. Except, there was no agreed universe or ‘map’ for B2B travel.

This is because B2B travel companies from different parts of the industry – say aviation services and accommodation distribution – often don’t see what they have in common. But as this map shows, there’s a lot more overlap than many would otherwise think.

Wondering what the criteria is for inclusion on the map? The starting point was simply to find the biggest and the best known. Certainly the smaller players who gain a mention are there because the consistent feedback was they are either 1) an up and coming leader or 2) they do a great job.

However, ultimately this is subjective and no map could ever be definitive. We’ve tried our damn hardest but welcome any corrections or suggestions for updated versions.

We’d be thrilled if you share the link to the map on social media. Feel free to download it too but please use the hashtag #B2BtravelMap when sharing and also remember to tag us (@BelveraPartners on Twitter / Instagram).

Researching this map was many months of work and there are many industry professionals whom we’d like to thank for feedback. But an equal amount of work has gone into the design to create this stunning product. For that I’d like to thank Luis Montané and colleagues at Glight Marketing Lab.

So what should you do if your organization is not on the map, but you want to be? Or you’re there but didn’t gain a ‘Zone 1’ presence just yet? Speak to us today to find out how we can give you the B2B travel industry presence you deserve.

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Hopefully by now you’ve seen the map and so let’s get straight into it: who would you have included that we haven´’t? More importantly, who would you remove?

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