Reflexions on our first year at Belvera Partners

Around this time last year we officially launched online with our ‘Meet Belvera Partners’ video. Over 20,000 views of that video later I am enormously proud to say that we have worked with 21 different companies from across the B2B travel space, the vast majority of those focused on travel technology.

Geographically those clients have covered off more or less the whole world, working with businesses from China, Israel, India, Switzerland, many in the US and the UK, and of course several in Spain. It gives me great pleasure too that most of those are now permanent clients on a retainer.

Many of those clients we’ve been able to meet up with in person through my constant globetrotting, particularly for trade shows and conferences. There is just no substitute for meeting people in person. At such events we’ve been able to not only do business, but also get people speaking on stage and building relations with journalists.

Highlights there have been a great many. Our client Vibe’s piece about the metaverse for Phocuswire remains in the ‘most viewed’ six months on; Mabrian has been quoted over a thousand times by media, including recently in The Sun; our Belvera research on sustainability reporting in B2B companies gained widespread media coverage; I met a man who used our B2B travel map to successfully find a new job; and we’ve had clients on stage at most of the major events of the industry.

Thanks yous there are a great many. First of all to our clients for placing their faith in Belvera and constant partnership. I’d also like to thank my core team of Amie and Lorena for their hard work and support – along with Cristina, Anna, Jess, Balint and Alicia as freelancers too. Plus supplier partners like Luis at Glight Marketing Lab and all the other designers and videographers we work with. Most of all I’d like to thank my wife and son for their patience and support.

As one year closes, another begins. So what do the next 12 months promise for Belvera Partners? I will continue to roadshow at all the important travel technology events for sure, but the team will also start to join me more. In fact at the upcoming Phocuswright Europe in June we are setting up our own photography and video recording studio. This is something we hope to repeat at other events. Pop by to have your photo taken and let me interview you? We’d love to tell your story to the world.

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I am enormously proud to say that we have worked with 21 different companies from across the B2B travel space.

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