Shaking the airlines

Shaking the air(lines) from the ground up

There is no doubt the pandemic has shaken up the airline industry as a whole. We at Belvera Partners have been keeping a close watch, particularly on the airline retail and distribution space. 

IATA’s pre-covid call to action with respect to NDC had begun to change this sleepy space, and the post-crisis drive for innovation will accelerate change rapidly.

This is why it gives us great pleasure to announce that we are the newly appointed communications advisor to the fast-growing airline technology start-up, Kyte.

Kyte’s mission is to empower airlines with modern technology, allowing them to deliver a more intuitive shopping experience, drive increased revenues, improve customer conversion, and substantially lower costs of sale. All while building better, longer lasting relationships with their customers. Kyte essentially delivers a Shopify for airlines. 

The company’s first product to market, their managed API, is a SaaS solution which replaces the airline’s legacy connectivity solutions between their back end reservation systems and their direct and indirect sales channels. 

Airlines, empowered by Kyte’s modern API, can use the latest tools to drive innovation and lower costs for their own web and mobile applications. Agency and platform partners benefit from a straightforward, truly standardized API implementation that reduces time to market and maintenance costs.

Kyte has made exceptional progress since it’s founding in 2020, with their managed API live in production with several of the world’s leading airlines. 

The business is led by Alice Ferrari (CEO), previously from Founders Factory and easyJet, and William Phillipson (CTO), the co-founder of SilverRail Technologies and former VP of Product Strategy at ITA Software (later bought by Google).

Together Alice and Will have a lot to say about how the airline retailing experience has a lot of catching up to do when compared with other industries and how the much-hyped NDC is failing to change this.

At Belvera Partners we will support them in amplifying this message to bring about the much-needed changes.

So if you’re a journalist, airline or technology analyst, conference organiser, investor or any other relevant stakeholder in the B2B travel ecosystem that would like to speak with Kyte, we’d love to hear from you.

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Airlines, empowered by Kyte’s modern API, can use the latest tools to drive innovation and lower costs for their own web and mobile applications.

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